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Corporate Car

“The Corporate Car” is an innovation by our chairman, Jasen Crighton.  This Corporate Car will be awarded to the highest bidder in a silent auction.  Winning “The Corporate Car” gives the highest bidder the full use (for the period of the Rally) of the “Corporate Car”, all accommodation and meals for three people throughout the Rally and an experience of a lifetime full of fun and hilarity, knowing you are support a great cause.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to show your appreciation to 3 of your hard working staff, or use this opportunity to spend some quality fun time with your work colleges, customers, friends or family.
Below are photos of 2018 Corporate Car.  
This year's car will be of similar calibre. 

The auction will become active on Tuesday  17th September at 9am & close Friday 8th November 2019 at 7:30pm. The link to the auction is:
All bidders with be contacted once the auction closes. Invoices for the winning bid and the losing sponsorships will be sent at the end of the auction.
For further information please email
The one difference with our auction and other auctions that you may know is:
Each losing bidder will be asked to donate 10% of their highest losing bid to their nominated team, currently in the Rally - possibly the team that sent you the invitation.
For example:
Joe Smith bids       $500 on his first bid and 
$1000 on his second bid
John Brown bids    $2000 on his first bid
Kevin Rudd bids    $5000 on his only bid
Kevin will win the auction. 
Joe will be required  to sponsor a car with $100 (10% of his highest losing bid) and John is required to sponsor a car with $200

PS: Jasen said to remind everyone his team is Car 1
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